Design work is a new system that allows you to adapt your website to the different formats of access devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops

More and more users visiting your favorite websites from smartphones and tablets. According to Morgan Stanley, in 2012 visits to websites from mobile devices will overtake those made through PCs. In Spain, four in 10 mobile users have a smartphone, which certainly ensures that sites are increasingly popular as from these devices short, medium and long term.


The responsive design or adaptive design is not to make a mobile version of the site with a parallel subdomain, but prepare structurally to be able to adapt its content based on not only the resolution but also the type of device on that you are viewing.




- Site load faster on mobile devices

- Better reading with appropriate font size for comfortable reading either smartphone or tablet.

- Best view with navigation: Button adapted for touch device use.

- Cost saving because you do not need to develop multiple versions of the site or even develop an app for Iphone / Ipad and Android.


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