General Laboratory Practices


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General Laboratory Practices

Chief Laboratory Name

Ing. Pedro C. Trujillo Natividad

Mail Laboratory Head

Brief description about the Laboratory Laboratory equipped with latest generation computers.


  • The administration of the use of the laboratory is the responsibility of the head of calculation.
  • There is a technical maintenance personnel.
  • If any equipment fails in operation or has been damaged, staff performed the maintenance.
  • The laboratory is primarily intended to provide the service of practical classes of specialty area courses, adding additional services according to the needs of faculty and laboratory availability.
  • Computers have installed the software according to the needs of users both teachers and students as well as courses scheduled by the extension office of the faculty.
  • Develop software according to the needs of the faculty, these applications are developed by practitioners students, with the advice of the head of computing.


Objective Provide adequate service to complement the academic development of students and teachers of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Systems, promote technological development, promote research and development projects to improve academic administrative area of ​​the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Systems, having as main ally students and practitioners.