Laboratory of Free Software

Name Area Laboratory

Computer and Information Area - Laboratory of Free Software

Chief Laboratory Name

Ing. Noel Juipa campo

Mail Laboratory Head

Brief description about the Laboratory

This lab is intended research platform "free software", also to inform users the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

 • To provide students with equipment for their practices on issues related to free software.
 • Provide teachers and students to classes.
 • Center server configuration in free software
 • Provide free courses

Objective  • Advice and solutions to public and private entities in Free Software
 • Technological support free software
 • Support and Infrastructure technology to students in their practices.


  • Horas de práctica para estudiantes
  • Laboratorios de cursos para estudiantes
  • Cursos de extensión
  • Configuración e instalación de Servidores en software Libre.